Avoid Data Breaches By Investing In Document Destruction

Avoid Data Breaches By Investing In Document Destruction

The biggest mistake a business can make is thinking it’s too small or too innocuous to encounter a data breach. To think that it only happens to the biggest corporations is as false as it is dangerous. Any company is at risk of security breaches. Indeed, statistics show that they’re on the rise, especially in the healthcare profession. Make sure your company doesn’t experience the devastating effects of a data breach by using a document destruction service.

Paper document destruction is vital to customer privacy. Within and outside of the medical community, personal information is collected by companies from their clients. Private information like Social Insurance Numbers (SIN), name, and contact details can’t be thrown out with the regular garbage. If found in a trash can and taken by the wrong person, it can be used to create new identities. When real people’s information is used to open new accounts, it can ruin the individual’s credit score.

Document Destruction

Document shredding isn’t just limited to paper documents. As more of the world goes digital, so does the business world. Many times, companies and medical centres will collect and store personal information via digital devices. These devices are subject to viruses and scams that can virtually expose vital information, but this data can also be retrieved when an old device is disposed of improperly.

Mishandling physical and digital information is the fastest way to get your company in hot water. When it’s discovered that impractical and improper storage and disposal methods were used, your company can face serious financial penalties as well as damage to your reputation. No one will trust you or your employees again if they know you’ve exposed previous clients to potential identity theft.

To safeguard both your clients and your company itself, it’s a good idea to align yourself with industry experts who can guarantee the proper disposal of personal information. To find the professionals you can trust, look towards those companies that have comprehensive commercial services, like Absolute Destruction. Check out Absolutedestruction.ca/commercial_services.php to learn how their mobile shredding services can arrive at your door to permanently destroy your physical and digital information. Electronic data destruction services and mobile shredding will ensure nothing is left behind, so not even a shred of paper or hardware can be retrieved.

Why run the risk of a data breach just because you don’t think your company is big enough to attract thieves? Invest in a comprehensive security policy that involves electronic data destruction and document destruction services to keep your clients and your business safe.

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