Flight Attendant Career Tips – How you can Ace Your Air travel Interview

Flight Attendant jobs are among the most desired in the world. Literally 1000’s of hopeful candidates apply each year to obtain the career of the dreams flying around the globe to exotic locations and becoming taken care of it.

Therefore if you are one of the lucky candidates who’re asked to have an air travel interview in order to a flight ticket Attendant Assessment Day then you definitely ought to be prepared. The truth is, there can be 100s of other candidates who happen to be used in it by other air carriers which means you are facing experienced candidates are very well as newcomers, like yourself.

I truly can’t stress enough the requirement for you to definitely be absolutely 100% well-groomed in your air travel interview or assessment day. All air carriers expect their flying deck hands to provide an expert and stylish image as air travel branding has become important within the very competitive aviation world.

How you can Dress for the Air travel Interview

Remember, You’re the airline’s ambassador aboard the aircraft and just what you need to do have a direct affect on whether individuals clients will decide to travel again together with your air travel. Lost revenue results in unemployment!

Always be cautious and put on business attire, a suit always impresses interviewers (despite the fact that some air carriers really possess a casual uniform, you have to dress appropriately for the meeting). Make certain it’s neat and doesn’t have missing buttons or stains, as it is normally the small particulars the air travel employers notice first.

1. Hair

It’s understandable that the hair ought to always be tidy and clean. In case your locks are more than shoulder length it is best to set it up inside a bun (or doughnut as it is passionately known) because this gives the look you’ve taken time for you to be professional and provide the best impression.

2. Make-up

Make-up ought to always be applied – although not overdone. Most air carriers prefer their Flight Family and friends to put on make-up, especially lipstick as again it may work with their ‘branding’ picture of the glamour connected with flying (although nowadays, it truly is more effort aboard than glamorous!).

3. Footwear

Footwear, obviously, ought to be neat and polished – this really is one large giveaway in your focus on detail – so make certain you’ve dark business footwear prepared. They needn’t be costly, they have to be created for business use and never casual.

4. Tats

Most air carriers are extremely touchy about tats – for those who have any on show whenever you put on the airline’s uniform you will not obtain the job offer. A really small tattoo can Prevent you being selected from your preferred air travel if you cannot hide it. So if you have tats you might want to attempt to hide them (it might work).

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