Here’s How You Can Buy Horse-Drawn Log Loaders and Trailers

Here’s How You Can Buy Horse-Drawn Log Loaders and Trailers

The timber industry involves a lot of heavy duty work, and for transporting logs from site to another or after splitting, you will need a log trailer. Most of the times, log trailers are moved using tractors, but many businesses prefer using horses for the job. If you need to transport logs between smaller distances, horse-drawn log loaders and trailers are always the best choice. However, making your first purchase is always confusing as there are quite a few options and it is essential to find the right models in budget. Check some of the quick tips below.

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  • Mostly, horse-drawn log loaders and trailers are considered by businesses that don’t need to move timber and logs for long distances. Horses have been used in this industry for a long, long time, but as a business owner, you have to consider the comfort level of the animal. Look for loaders and trailers that are easy on looks and great on design. Usually, such kind of loaders is made with highest quality steel, which not only is light in weight but is durable and powerful at the same time.
  • Also, it is essential to check the manufacturer. There are known companies that are known to offer great assistance for the buyers. For example, if you buy chargeuse Payeur, you get genuine assistance and they will arrange for most of the other parts and accessories that you need. Some companies do sell used trailers and loaders, which can be a great benefit for those looking for budget models.

Buy Horse-Drawn Log Loaders and Trailers

  • Lifting capacity and overall design is also something that you cannot ignore. Look for models that come with durable knuckles and non-metric hydraulic links. As for the hoses, double-braid UV resistant ones are the best, and you should be looking for hardened steel links for the main joined for performance. If you have any doubts over a trailer, always consult the company on the same. Sometimes, companies do offer assistance and help to clients looking for certain kind of horse-drawn loaders, so make sure to call the concerned seller for support.

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Horse-drawn log loaders often easy on the pocket, and you will find used models at even better rates. Just take your time to evaluate the services and make sure that the seller has all the other forestry based equipment as needed, so that you can get a big discount on bulk purchases.


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